9 TV Shows to Increase Your Intelligence

Don’t mind what your mother told you, watching TV can make you smarter. Nobody spends hours upon hours watching a TV without actually learning anything. Although it’s possible that not all TV shows fit this description exactly, you get the idea. There are many TV programmes available that can increase your understanding. Consider this. There is always some form of scientific analysis taking place when you watch a crime show. There are some real knowledge bombs being thrown, whether it be in the form of DNA testing or understanding the rate of bodily decomposition.

After a hard day of nonstop brain use, watching TV is a terrific way to unwind and learn a tonne of new stuff. There is always something to learn, from cooking demonstrations to wildlife exhibits. For instance, before Rachel Ray taught me how, I had no idea how to make wonderful pasta primavera. Also, I had no idea that koalas are not true bears. The unknown! You see, the lovely world of television has a lot to teach us. Consider all the absurd things you could do to surprise your buddies. Still not convinced? Here are a few well-known TV programmes you should watch if you wish to expand your knowledge.

1. Shark Tank

In this reality show from executive producer Mark Burnett, aspiring businesspeople have the chance to realise their goals. They pitch their concepts to the five industry titans in the tank, known as the “sharks,” who have built successful empires off of their ideas. The competitors attempt to persuade any shark to fund their proposition. A bidding war may break out when other sharks decide they want a piece of the action, raising the investment’s cost.

2. Bones

Dr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute who also publishes books and has a remarkable talent for deciphering evidence from the remains of victims. Because of this, when remains are so extensively burned, decomposed, or damaged that traditional identification techniques are worthless, law enforcement contacts her to help with investigations. Brennan frequently works with former Army sniper Special Agent Seeley Booth, who distrusts science and scientists for their ability to solve murders but has grown to admire Brennan both professionally and emotionally.

3. Chopped

To produce a fantastic three-course meal that includes an appetiser, entrĂ©e, and dessert, four chefs compete against one another in the kitchen. The problem? They are required to use whatever ingredient the show gives them during each round, even if it seems implausible (Gummi Bears, anyone?). A panel of three guest judges “chops” one chef at the conclusion of each meal if they don’t deliver on flavour, presentation, and originality. The chef who remains standing in the end wins $10,000 as well as bragging rights. Host Ted Allen

4. The daily show

The Emmy and Peabody Award-winning show “The Daily Show,” which has been hosted by Trevor Noah since 2015, explores the day’s top news stories in politics, pop culture, entertainment, sports, and more. Together with Lewis Black and Jordan Klepper, Trevor’s team of correspondents, which includes Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta, Desi Lydic, Dulce Sloan, Jaboukie Young-White, and Roy Wood Jr., provides coverage of (and catharsis from) daily events via a keen, reality-based lens. Trevor also has a conversation with newsmakers to hear their unvarnished opinions on American society, politics, and other topics.

5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

The detectives who work for the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit look into sexual crimes. The SVU detectives usually deal with crimes, such rapes, in which the victim survives and aids authorities in the investigation, while the other ‘Law & Order’ series episodes primarily focus on murder cases. Veteran actors including Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, and, after the first season, rapper Ice-T, are among the cast members of the show. Detectives from other ‘Law & Order’ programmes appear on occasion in crossover episodes.

6. Face Off

This competition series covers the work of special-effects makeup artists and their wide imaginations by incorporating effects makeup and skill sets, such as prosthetics, 3D designs, animatronics, sculpting, casting, moulding, and more.

7. MythBusters

Exactly how challenging is it to locate a needle in a haystack exactly? And does having water flow down your forehead truly make you crazy? In this amusing series, which aims to determine which myths are true and which are not, those kinds of queries, myths, and urban legends are tested.

8. House of Cards

In this Netflix original film, South Carolina’s U.S. Representative Francis Underwood begins as a nasty politician hungry for vengeance. His efforts assist in ensuring Garrett Walker’s election to the presidency after being promised the position of Secretary of State in exchange for his support. Walker decides against it, informing Underwood that he is too valuable in Congress, just before the inauguration. Underwood publicly accepts his orders, but he and his wife Claire, an environmental activist, privately agree to eliminate Walker and his allies. Underwood rises in the government ranks as the series goes on, but after his passing, Claire takes over. The American adaptation provides a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the U.K. miniseries of the same name.

9. Criminal Mind

In order to predict the offenders’ next movements before they can commit another crime, an elite team of FBI profilers examines the most depraved criminal brains in the nation. The “mind hunter” team members each contribute their unique expertise to discover emotional triggers and pin down the intentions of predators in order to stop them. The core team consists of an official profiler who excels at understanding criminals’ motivations, a quirky genius, a former media liaison who successfully juggles work and family obligations, and a computer whiz.

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