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Disqus Commenting System : Review

Disqus Commenting system review

The commenting system is necessary for blogs, and, this article covers the complete review of the top commenting system called Disqus. Every blog hs default commenting system whether it is on WordPress or Blogger or any other blogging platform. Every commenting system has its advantages and disadvantages. But Disqus is one of the best commenting systems for your blogs, and many popular blogs also use this.

What is Disqus Commenting System?

Disqus is the commenting system for blogs that helps visitors to leave a comment on posts and pages.

Disqus is also like a social media round about 3.5 million websites uses Disqus as a Commenting system. Can you imagine! Every day 120 million engage in Disqus commenting system. You can discover your community with Disqus.

Advantages for Website!

I am using Disqus from the day 1 after starting my this blog and based on my experience. I find some benefits of using Disqus and recommend others.

Disqus is the best FREE commenting system, and you can create your account directly using your Facebook or Google+ or Twitter accounts. For WordPress, you can find the disqus plugin and for Blogger users, you can get the code in your Disqus dashboard after adding blog URL.

Low Bandwidth

If you are using the defualt commenting system for your blog then keep in mind its use your bandwidth but Disqus don’t use bandwidth. If you are using shared WordPress hosting or have limited monthly bandwidth, then Disqus is best for your blog.

User Friendly

Visitors can easily login to Disqus from your blog and leave the comment without facing any problem. Use can share their comment and invite their friends to the conversation.

Say No to Spam!

Disqus gonna help you to protect you from getting spam comments. You can also remove links if your visitors post in comments.

Traffic and Traffic!

Yeah! Disqus helps you to drive the good amount of traffic. It helps you to increase the rate of returning visitors. Disqus sends the notification to all the commenters, and this contributes to driving traffic.

Earn Money…

That’s right! You can now earn money using Disqus commenting system and by enabling “Discover Box”. Advertiser place links below post and pages of your website and when someone clicks your will get paid.

Track Engagements

You can check the activity of your visitors and commenters in your Disqus dashboard. Helps you to see how your visitors are behaving on your posts and pages.


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These are some cool features of Disqus commenting system. Disqus is improving there system and hope to see more new features from Disqus.
If you have any question feel free to ask. What do you think about Disqus!

About the author

Malik Muhammad Aaqib Sohail

He is CEO and Founder of Blogging Hunt. He is a young Blogger, freelancer and SEO Expert. He loves to share his ideas about Blogging, SEO and Freelancing also Tips and Ticks. Don’t forget to follow him on social media

  • Disqus is outstanding program for all bloggers. It can boost the comments (engagement) rate and you’ll see your readers hang outing you with this.
    Absolutely an awesome commenting system, loads faster and that’s it!
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad

  • It broke on my blog. Dropped it.

    • Hello, Techolite!
      I don’t know what’s happen on your blog but 3.5 publishers use Disqus, and they are happy.
      You should try to find the reason for that problem because as you can see on my blog am using Disqus and its working fine.
      You can contact me for fixing your issue.

      ~ Aaqib

  • Insta Fly

    Great post!

    Useful information worthy of thanks ,

  • Disqus is simply awesome. Even though I am just starting out…. I am looking forward to put it on my website O which reminds me… Any Plugin for that?

  • Soni Bharti

    Disqus is the best technique to all bloggers. Forever I am just using disqus for long time. It is very helpful method to share informative blogs content.

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