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How to Get More Facebook Page Likes

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Today I am writing the interesting article forget more facebook likes and active facebook fans. Nowadays people care more about social media than any other thinks. Almost people stay online every time also while sleeping on their mobile devices. The main reason is that they can connect with friends anytime, by text messages, audio and video calls.
Facebook recently introduce the video calling feature for free. So now facebook has more than billion daily users. Now all the facilities of connectivity with people facebook provide for free.That’s why facebook is very important mean of generating traffic to websites, and which only possible if you have a big facebook fan page. So the question arise here how to get more facebook page likes?
There are many ways to get facebook fans, but first I want to tell you about what type of facebook pages get more fan and active one. You may have seen some pages almost dead but having likes in millions. The Reason is they may get fake likes or poor quality of content they share in past. This article is a Complete Guide, How to get more facebook page likes!


What type of pages gets more likes.!

According to my 4, 5-year experience of facebook. Nowadays pages having name or content related to entertainment gets more like. People like to watch funny videos and post. You may have seen that on facebook there are some famous actors those makes almost less than one minute video but funny. And these are rocking on facebook their youtube channels have millions of subscribers and their videos get rank on youtube on few hours.They know that people like funny videos. Especially the people of Pakistan and India like these type of videos.

 How did they get too many fans on Page?

In the start, every business needs investment. Same as in the start of their facebook pages they use Facebook Ads to promote their page, posts, video etc. Let’s suppose if they use 100$ to promote a video to targeted users like from Pakistan and 15+ age users. They get the good result because they use they mind and targeted the users which like these type of stuff. If you target people in the USA and your post is in Chinese or any other languages then you will never attract people to you page. At the end of the article, I have some tips for you.

Pages those gets Likes

» Pages Related to

  • Funny Videos
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Religion
  • etc

These are some topic on which if you promote your page or posts can get big fans. There are many other ways to get like and active fans other then facebook ads. If your friend or any other person having a page related to yours then you ask him/her to promote you post on his page.

Tip: Promote Video Link in Video and Post description.

The above tip really works well for entertainment related pages and religions page. You should give it a try.

Tip: Always try to get real likes which convert fans to the  daily visitor to you websites.

I hope this article help you to increase/ get facebook page likes, that help you to generate a good traffic to the website.

Tip: You facebook page should have complete info and you should me active every day.

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