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How to Make Money On Dailymotion – Complete Guide

How to Make Money On Dailymotion - Complete Guide by Blogging Hunt

Back With New article on how to make money on Dailymotion. Many people worked on YouTube but did not get success just because they are not able to create their own content/videos. No doubt YouTube is the best way to earn real money. YouTube don’t allow to upload others videos there are chances you will get copyrights on video that can cause your permanently disabled of monetization on your YouTube channel. Here in this article, I tried to share the method of earning money from Dailymotion.

Different Methods to Make Money On Dailymotion

Methods to Make Money on Dailymotion

There are two different ways by which you can make money from Dailymotion.

First Method

You can make money by uploading videos and monetize them video ads. This is the main way of making money from Dailymotion. Here you can upload video from YouTube, Facebook or any other source from where you can get videos. Don’t start thinking about money only. Below I have shared some details and tips that going to help you to keep your channel safe. So, you can generate good amount.

Dailymotion Vs YouTube

  1. Dailymotion is not too much strict as YouTube.
  2. Dailymotion doesn’t remove all videos but sometimes you will get copyrights if you upload same videos. (Only videos like video songs, movies trailers, etc. get copyrights but chances are small. YouTube don’t allow to monetize copyright video, and you have to delete it.
  3. Don’t start uploading videos, I have heard that many people were sharing that their channel got flagged, and their earning is not updating from months.
  4. Try to edit your videos and make your channel stand out (Follow tips below.)
  5. Dailymotion Earning can be withdrawn from Payoneer and bank transfer. But YouTube earning can be withdrawn from the Western Union in Pakistan. (Other options are available but in other countries).
  6. You can create the playlists on both Dailymotion and YouTube.
  7. You can sell video on both Dailymotion and YouTube.
  8. You don’t have to verify your Dailymotion channel via mobile to upload a custom thumbnail, but YouTube verifies your mobile to unlock some features.
  9. You have to reach minimum 100$ to withdraw your earning on YouTube and Dailymotion.

Second Methods

The second method is for website owners only. You can add your site to Dailymotion and verify it via a meta tag. When you embed videos from Dailymotion in your site, you with make money. You can also place the widget on your website from Dailymotion so Dailymotion will serve videos ads on that widget.

If you want to use 2nd method to earn money, then start a free blog or create a website on WordPress. But I recommend the 1st method only.

DailyMotion Tips and Tricks to Make Money Blogging Hunt

[sociallocker] Tips to be Dailymotion Rockstar.

  • Be consistent.
  • Work hard.
  • Try to create Dailymotion channel with brand names like HumTV, T series, etc.
  • Have nice video intro and out to on your videos. ( 4 to 5 seconds)
  • Don’t upload low-quality videos! Try to upload 720P Quality videos minimum.
  • Social shares are very important.
  • Your video should contain an attractive title and description. (Do On-Page SEO)
  • Add links to your social pages and accounts.
  • Upload videos that people want to watch.
  • The attractive thumbnail is key to generate a good amount of traffic.
  • Beautiful designed images on your channel. Add Social Links on your channel.

Secret Trick: If you have social media pages with good reach, then you can earn nice amount.

One my Facebook Friend Sharing is Earning! (Umar Farooq)


Make Money On Dailymotion Share the complete guide to make money

Follow these tips and be Rockstar on Dailymotion. If you have any question about Dailymotion, comment below will be happy to answer it.

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