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What WordPress Theme is That? Detect WP Theme & Plugin Online

What WordPress theme is that How to check theme name and details blogging hunt

Many WordPress users like themes on other WordPress websites but they don’t know the name of the Theme that website is using and also not able to reach to the theme developers site. Today I am sharing complete solution of this problem and you gonna love it. šŸ™‚

What WP Theme is that?

Do you love any WordPress theme and want to use it because of its features and design? Then you can find out the name and the developer’s website in just 2 clicks of that theme! The tool IĀ am going to share is an online tool which helps you to find out that WordPressĀ theme name for any WordPress website.

Extra Feature of the Tool

Before I move forward let me mention some additional features of the tool which you can not only use to check themeĀ name and details of any WP website.

  • Find out the name of the Theme.
  • Find out information about the developers.
  • Find which plugin is used by any WP website.

Is it not cool think? šŸ˜‰

Guide to Use & Check WP Theme!

It’s really simple to use it and get info about the WP Theme and Plugins of any WP website.

  • Follow the below two links (2 Different tools)
  • Copy the URL of the WordPress website.
  • Paste it into the search bar on any tool (Recommended is 1st tool)
  • Press enter and complete details will be availableĀ if the site is on WordPress (Only)!.
  • You can see plugin details by just scrolling down on the page.
  • It’s simple and 1 2 & 3! šŸ˜‰



Last Words!

Please note that it’s only WordPress theme detection tool not forĀ Joomla,Ā Drupal, Magento, blogger etc. It may not detect WP theme because admin of the website may haveĀ customized the theme. But it shares theĀ name of the themes (90% chances) and you can search on google if you find the name of WP theme.


Hope you like this article and help you to get info about the WordPress theme you want.

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