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Blogger As a Blogging Platform (Pros and Cons)

Advantages and disadvantages of using blogger as a blogging platform - blogging hunt

Hello! Today I am going to share Advantages and disadvantages of using Blogger as a blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms you can use, but every platform has some benefits to the users. In this article, you will be able to learn about the Pros & Cons of the Blogger as a blogging platform. You will be able to learn about best features of the blogger and some Cons also. If you don’t know about blogger then o recommend you to read the complete article (Mentioned below). 

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Blogger as Blogging Platform! Why Use?

Free Sub-Domain Name!

Blogger gives free sub domain name to all the users. You just have to create Gmail account and sign in to after that you can create and blog with any available sub domain name ( Complete Guide).

FREE Hosting!

You don’t have to invest in buying hosting because it is totally free. Your blog will be live forever until you delete it yourself. Blogger only deletes you blogs those get DMCA complaint or unfollow the blogger rules.

Free Template / Custom theme

Blogger provides you free templates or themes. These all are very simple and cool, but all these free templates don’t give the professional look. So that’s why blogger also offers you to install a custom theme or template on your blog. You can create a template for your blog if you have knowledge of coding. But if you don’t know to design and create blogger template the I have the solution of that problem. I share top 5 templates ( SEO Optimized). If you don’t like any of these 5 templates then I have shared list of top 5 websites from where you can get free and paid templates for your blogger blog.

Layout (Drag and Drop)

Google alway want its user to find information as fast as possible and blogger also has a drag and drop feature which help users to place Gadgets on the blog anywhere they want. You can change the layout of your gadgets by just dragging and dropping! 

Post & Pages

Blogger allows the user to create post and pages. You can create posts and pages same as you create the document in Microsoft Office. You can place pictures and youtube videos in your posts and pages. 

Traffic Stats

Blogger has a cool feature by which you can check the visitors visits your blog. You can trace the visitors and find from which source you are getting more and more traffic. Yes! this feature helps you to target more and more users.

Earning Feature!

Blogger allows the users to generate a good amount of income from their blog by using Google AdSense. You can also make money from your blog using different advertisers like info links, revenue hits etc. I already share TOP 10 Way to Make Money from the website on my blog. 

Custom Domain Name

Blogger allows the user to use their own domain name on their blog. Means if you have domain name then you can change blogger sub-domain with your own domain ( Many bloggers are using this feature and this feature, makes their blogs look professional. 

Disadvantages of Using Blogger!

Do you know blogger is one of the most popular free blogging platforms, but it can’t be used for professional blogs like E-commerce store, company websites. There are many reasons behind this.


In blogger, you have to edit the coding to change your blog template. You can change a place of gadgets but what if you have to change the color and what if you have to place gadget not available in Blogger Gadgets library. So, many bloggers don’t like blogger due to this reason.

No Plugins

Blogger has few gadgets, but if we compare it with WordPress then we can say blogger has no plugins! 🙁 One of the reasons why blogger is not the best blogging platform and why WordPress is a most popular platform, and millions of users are using WordPress. But still its free and best for newbies. WordPress blogs are own hosted, so WordPress users pay for hosting, but blogger users enjoy free services by Google which is appreciatable. We can’t say that blogger is useless. Many popular bloggers used blogger platform at the start of their blogging career.

Templates / Themes

As I mentioned, earlier blogger provides free templates but not user-friendly and good looking. If we compare blogger templates with WordPress themes, then WordPress themes are first because they are really easy to customize them then the blogger templates.

Ranking Of Blog!

WordPress blogs can be rank faster than the blogger blogs. Blogger blogs also get ranked, but it takes time to rank your blogs in search engines. WordPress users use different tools and plugins which boost their blogs fast then blogger blogs. 

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In this article, I tried to share all the Pros and Cons of using Blogger as a blogging platform. I recommend you if you are newbie blogger then it’s good to start blogging by using blogger platform but if you want to create professional blogs then use WordPress CMS.

If you have any question related to this article feel free to ask in comments below.

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