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How to Promote your Fiverr Gig Free 2018 [Updated]

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Welcome back! Today, I am going to share some great tips and tricks with you. How you can promote your Fiverr gig and reach more people so you can get more orders. Many newbies of Fiverr are looking for the way to get orders and get more and more sales. If you want to get more and more orders then you have to use some tips and tricks to promote your Fiverr gigs in the relevant places from where you are likely to get orders. I recommend you to read my article related to “How to Make Money On Fiverr“.

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Before you Promote your Fiverr Gig

First keep these thinks in mind while you write and publish your Fiverr Gig.

  • You Gig should contain an attractive title so it helps you to attract buyers.
  • You Gig description should be well written.
  • Description of your Fiverr Gig should be User-friendly.
  • Beautiful Designed Images which grab the attention of Client/Buyer.
  • You should use tags properly.

All these are recommended steps before you think to generate some good income from Fiverr. So, first you should focus on the above steps. If you published you Gig, go and edit it.


Twitter is very powerful social media network. If you are not using twitter then start using it. It will help you to reach your clients/buyers. Whenever you tweet,  use these hashtags #Fiverr #Fiverr_gigs #Gig #Gigs #Fiverr_promotion. Increase your fan following on twitter. Ask your friends to share your gig on twitter by Retweeting your tweets. It will help you to increase traffic to your gig and if you are offering cool services with bonus and extra’s you are likely to convert these visitors coming from twitter to clients/Buyers.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are really the best place to share your Fiverr Gigs, but you should share your Gig in relevant groups. For Example, If you are offering guest posting to your high PR Domains then you should have to shares that Gig with facebook group of bloggers. You can’t get orders if you share that gig to entertainment groups on facebook.

  • Search for Groups Relevant to your Fiverr Gig
  • Try to find group larger groups. e.g Having millions of members.

Promote Gig Via Blog

 Fiverr Introduced new feature few months ago, by using that feature you can promote your Fiverr Gig on your website or blog. This is really cool functions, this will help you to convert your visitors to your clients/buyers. Basically this a widget for your blog. You can also display it in your pages and posts rather then only in sidebar or footers.

How to Promote your Fiverr Gig


 One of the best platform to share your Gig. Create a video in which you explain each and everything about your services. I recommend you if you are providing video intro or video explaining type services then create some sample videos and upload on youtube and also monetize them so you can create some extra income from these videos using AdSense. When your buyer asks for sample send them your youtube links. And when you are promoting gig on other platform share your youtube video link to sample video or video that explain your gig. Share your Gig link in your video description on YouTube. Also, do some SEO of your Video and high search keywords. Many Fiverr sellers are using this method to promote their Gigs.

Guest Posting

One of the best method and best for your SEO of your Fiverr Gig. Post your article related to your Gig on different blogs and add your Fiverr Gig or Fiverr Profile link in the article and below in the author bio. If your are article Writer then this method is for you to promote your Fiverr Gig. Tell your buyers about your experience of guest posting and share your guest post links with them, it will help you to convert buyer into your clients. Write attractive, creative, user-friendly article while guest posting so when you provide your guest post as a sample, it should make a good impression of your buyer.

Fiverr Official Forum

Fiverr Official Forum is the platform to promote yourself and your Gigs. Mostly all the buyers and sellers of the Fiverr are registered there and read the article and answer questions. So you should use this platform also so that you can grab more buyers attention and with your quality of services you can convert them to clients.

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In this article, I share some methods to promote your Fiverr gig and I tried my best to help newbies those who are not getting orders. If you have any suggestions you are welcome to share with me and with the reader in the comment section.

Have a question ask below in comment section. 🙂

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