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Make Money by Selling Expired Domains

How to Make Money by Selling Expired Domains

Hi, am now back again with new tutorials of how to make money by selling expired domains. There are many methods to make money online but selling expired domains is easiest method to make money. Best thing is you don’t need any skills. Most of the people out there are searching for the way to make money online by doing any type of work. They waste their time on many useless websites e.g PTC, short links.

You just have to find a quality domain names and sell them on online marketplace like Flippa, GoDaddy aution etc.
Make Money by Selling Expired Domains

How to Make Money by Selling Expired Domains?

If you don’t know what is Domain name then you have to read our previous article about domain names Click here. After reading previous article start from Expired domain section below.

Expired Domain Names

Expired Domains names are those domains which are not renewed by the domain owner. For example. is your own domain name and it is registered for on year from 10 August 2014 to 09 August 2015, and you didn’t pay for renewing your domain name then your domain registrar delete your domain name and it will be available for sale to any domain registrar. So many webmasters delete their websites and don’t renew their high-quality domains for next year, then anyone can buy that domain for next year.

How to find Expired Domains?

There are many methods to find the recently expired domains, but I am sharing a website names . You have to create Free account and login to your account and you will see the list of expired domain names. But you have to find the quality of domains from the huge list of domains but don’t worry we have the solution of this problem also. Watch the below video for the complete guide to find high quality expired domain names. But first you should know the quality of domain names.

Matrix for Expired Domain Names

Matrix of Expired Domain Name
PagePank should be 1 or 1+, Page Authority (PA) should be 25 or 25+, Domain Authority (DA) should be 25 or 25+, Trust Flow should be 10+ Citation Flow should me 15+

These are some parameters to find good domain names to sell on high price. If you find high-quality domain names then there are more chances of high earning.

How to Check Quality of domain names?

As you now that for making good money you have to find domain names using the above parameters. But the question  is how to check the quality of domain names. Thre are online tools by using these tools you can check the parameters or quality of the domain. Some of these are free and some these tool are paid.

Important: Domain name should be Indexed in google search engine.

If your domain name is not index then you have to index which is a little bit hard. Because google has de-index these domains for some reason. So you have to post unique articles on your website. So google re-index it in search result.

All the tools are listed below.

Tool Name Used For Free of Paid Link
Majestic CF & TF Both
Ahref Backlinks Both
CheckPageRank PR, PA , DA, Rank Free

Just find the expired Domain name using these Online Tools and sell these on flippa or godaddy.

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How to Make Money From Expired Domains?

Yes! You can make money from the expired domains, by showing ads by parking your domain names. Find article related to this by Clicking here. This is best way if your domain has high quality and ranked search engine. But selling is also a good option for you to generate god money. We will also update new article regarding this. Stay connected with us and you will become a good online earner. Stay tune for more article by subscribing us. Click Here

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