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WordPress VS Blogger a Complete Comparison

Wordpress VS Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are two most popular platform’s for blogging or web development. These two are very different. In this article, you will learn a complete comparison. These two are totally different from each other. All most every webmaster starts blogging from easy Platform “Blogger”. If you are the beginner and starting which platform you should use? This article will help you to choose, from which platform you should start blogging.


Blogger is own by Google, and if some want to start blogging on blogger he/she needs only a Gmail account. Blogger gives you a sub-domain name means your blog URL contains ”” etc the end of your blog name in URL. e.g“. Here you may think “What about hosting?“. The answer to is you don’t need to by any hosting from any hosting company like Blogger has low features than  WP. Blogger provides some simple templates but in you want to design your own design you have to use coding or the best way to avoid from coding is to buy the template from professionals. Why, I am suggesting to buy template because those templates are very clean, responsive, user-friendly, Search Engine Optimized and contains documentation file for your help to customize the layout and add your information.

Now Google starts giving domain-name to Blogger at cheap rates of 12$ per year. Which is the best thing to make blogger blog looks professional and attract more visitor?We have a bonus for our readers to get their first domain name at cheap rates 10$/year. Click Here to buy.

Tips: Use a premium domain-names like, .com & .net to grab visitor.

One thinks why I left blogger to WordPress is if you want to change layout then I have to change coding which I don’t like :P. Also, the blogger didn’t have tools to make a blog better than that or WP blog. If you see WP blog and blogger blog you can easily see the difference.

You can add the labels to your post to make categories of your posts. You can create pages same as the posts, but these are not shown on your blog home page where posts are shown. You can’t create a static page on your blogger blog on simple templates. I would again recommend you if you want to make a professional blog the WP is the best platform.


Basically, WP is a content management system (CMS) tool. It also provides you a sub-domain like a blogger. WP provides domain e.g “”. WP is used by thousands of millions of blogger and webmasters to manage their content online. My blog Blogging Hunt is also on WP. Why I choose WP tool to manage my blog? Because WP helps me to manage my content more easily than that of Blogger. Many people maybe didn’t agree with my think or statement.

If you choose WP CMS tool for your website or blog then you have to buy two things domain name and hosting. But it’s good to buy hosting for 17$/year rather than buying a single domain for 10$/year.

WP tool contains more beautiful, Search Engine Optimized, Mobile Friendly, User-Friendly, Responsive, Search Engine Friendly and many more features. You can design your own theme also. But if you are not web designer then you should buy or use free themes available on the internet.
WP also provide plugin tool to manage blogs more easily. But, on the other hand, blogger doesn’t give any feature to manage blog! If you have to show a  widget on the blog you have to add coding for that! I strongly recommend you if you want to make the blog which looks stand out than WP platform is best.
You can manage your blog security o WP easily.


There are many companies out there, but these have different types of plans and have the high rates on monthly bases also provide yearly base plans but anyhow are expensive. If you want to buy a hosting at cheap rates then, I suggest HosterPK. 24/7 Live chat support. All hosting plans contain free domain name worth 10$.

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