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How to start a website online and Make Money – Complete Guide

How to start a website online and Make Money – Complete Guide

Hi. Today in this article you will learn how to start a website online and make money from your site. This section contains complete step by step guide to starting a website online and Make Money.You should read those article which is mention in this article.So, I start now! Nowadays we are living online! Yes, people spend a lot of time surfing online. They visit a website to learn something or get some information that they need.

For example, I am a student & if my teacher gives me some home task, & to complete that task I need some help, so I search on google and get information that I need.
Every person is an expert in something, and they want to share the knowledge to the world. But wait if you share your experience but you don’t earn money from it! You can make money by sharing your knowledge on your website. There are many ways to make money from your website. I will discuss all the method.

How to start your Website.

To start a website, you need the address of your site. The address means domain name. The best example of the domain name is that you are living in a city and you friend wants to visit you. He will ask your house or office address where you want to meet. Same as if you want people to visit your website then you need a domain name which is the address of your site.
Domain name has very important for a website. If you are an English teacher, and you want to teach English, then your site domain name should be same as you niche.E.g., On this blog, you will learn all about blogging so my blog name is related to my blog niche. Blogging Hunt means Blogging Search. Where people can search all about blogging.
You have to buy your domain name from domain registrar company. There are many companies online, but I recommend you to get the advantage of Blogging Hunt offer. We are offering free domain name on 16.72$ hosting per year. Cool! This is a nice offer for you if you start your website on WordPress platform.
There are many platforms online to manage your website, but must popular is WordPress. Google also provide a platform to manage your site, name as “Blogger”.

Tips: Domain Name should contain a Keyword.

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Read the above article and choose the platform where you want to manage your website. I suggest you WP, in simple words you have many tools to manage your site.

Best Hosting Companies.

If you wish to manage your website on WP platform, then you have to buy hosting for your site. Hosting means all the data of your website in stored somewhere in computers of hosting company when a visitor comes to your site all the information will be loaded from that computer. As already I write about free domain name on 16.72$ Hosting.
All the professional bloggers use WP to manage their site just because of less use of coding.

  • List of Best Hosting Companies
  1. Hostgator ( 0.94$ OFF Coupon Code:”BLOGGINGHUNT“)
  2. iPages
  3. HosterPK 
  4. Global Hosting Service
  5. Dreamhost
  6. Bluehost

All the companies offer different rates. I recommend you to read reviews online about these sites & choose the best you like. Hosting is important because in you buy hosting from B-grade company then your site may go down several times in the month or maybe a day.
If you want to make money, then buy the best hosting plan which offers 99.99% up time!

Decide your Niche and Articles!

Niche is on which topic your site will be. It depends on upon your domain name! Some websites are multi-niche. It depends on upon you which type of site you want to build.
The main thing in any website is the article webmaster publish on his website. If you are new in this field, you may think it is easy to get the article from others websites. It is not easy as you think, if you want to make money with world best Ads Network name AdSense by Google then you have to work 100% pure. Means you have to write a unique article with proper keyword density.
You can say article writing is a unique talent because everyone don’t have a good English skills, so English is a global language, so you have to write in English to get more traffic to your site and more money you generate as the number of visitor increase.

List Of best profitable Niche for you

  • Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • IOS and Android Apps
  • Web development
  • Coupons Websites
  • News websites
  • Technology
  • etc

These niches have very high searches and have strong competitions of advertisers that are paying high.

Best Layout/Theme of the website!

The layout of your website is the first impression on your visitor, & you now that first impression is the last impression, So try to use professional design themes. There are many online Themes market where you can buy a theme.
If you are a designer, then you can make your WordPress theme for your website. But if you are not, then visit and World most popular website of WP and Blogger themes
You can buy you theme which you like, & your theme in just 10 minutes. ThemeForest gives the complete documentation with your theme.

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How to make money from a website!

There are many methods to generate money from your website. But in this article, I will discuss the most popular method that is used by thousands and millions of webmasters. These ad networks are making the life of many webmasters those work unique.

Methods to Make Money from Your Website

  • List of Methods to Make Money from Blog
  1. AdSense by Google.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Buy Sell Ads. ( Need high Traffic)
  4. Infolinks.
  5. Revenue hits

These are some best methods to make money blogging. But if you have your product then you can create your online store just you have to buy WooCommerce Themes for WordPress. Most of the WooCommerce is the theme by using which you can make your online market or shop.

How to Generate Traffic to your website

The main thing to earn money from your website is traffic if you have a good site with the good looking theme, and there is no visitor then this is useless. You should Optimize your site for your keyword so that Google search result will show your website on 1st page.

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Some plugin use for Search engine optimization of WordPress blogs names “All in One SEO Pack” and “SEO by Yoast“. Use these plugin and move your website to the first page.

Take Action Make Money Online From your Website


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